Shay Sheridan

A short request fic for Nancy, whose prompt was "Jesus, that's tight!"....Yes, she is depraved.

"Ow, ow, watch it, Stanley!"

"I would not," Kowalski grunted between clenched teeth, "Call me that if you want me to help you." His hand tightened. "You wanna rephrase that?"

"Yeah, yeah, okay, quit it, awright?" Vecchio's voice went up a half octave and bordered on a whine. "Just. . .do something, okay?"

"I'm doing it. Now quit moving."

"Yeah, you can say that, Sta--, Kowalski," Vecchio panted, squeezing his eyes shut. "You're not the one with the Vulcan Death Grip on his--"

"--I said, hold still! You're gonna rupture something." Kowalski's hands were busy, but he paused to flash his eyes up to watch Vecchio strain against him. "Don't know why you're bitching anyway. This was your idea."

"It was not! You saw it, you said you wanted me to -- ow!" Vecchio sounded about as desperate as Kowalski had ever heard him. "C'mon, c'mon, I'm dyin' here!"

"You know, Vecchio, that voice of yours is something only a mosquito could love. Hold it. I think I've. . .yeah. There."

He stepped back, admiring his handiwork. "Shit, Ray, what you look like."

Vecchio's eyes glittered at him. "Yeah?"

"Yeah. Jeez, that's fucking hot. How does it feel?"

"Tight." Vecchio looked down at his imprisoned cock. The studded leather ring surrounding his tender equipment twitched with his pulse, making his dick move up and down. "Shit," he said.

"Yeah, exactly," Kowalski agreed.

"Not exactly my style, you know." Vecchio breathed deeply to get control and checked out Kowalski, whose own dick was now bobbing hopefully in Vecchio's direction. "Would suit you."

"Maybe later. Could we, ah. . ."

"Jesus, that's tight," Vecchio said again, shifting around to try to deal with the sensation. "Really, really tight."

"Christ, Vecchio, quit bitching!"

"Oh, you, uh, wanna. . .?"

"No, Vecchio, I want to pick petunias. Whaddya think? Come, on, fuck me." He turned over and presented himself, shaking his ass in Vecchio's face in what he hoped was a provocative manner.

"Ah, Jeez, stop it, or I'm gonna come right now."

"No," Kowalski said, grinning maliciously over his shoulder, "You're not."

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