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Bleach: Ichigo and Ishida comment drabble, for Debbiechan

Ichigo hates Ishida. He thinks he's a pompous ass. A know-it-all. A pain in the butt. A wet blanket. A snippy, smarty-pants over-achiever with lousy taste in clothing and an irritatingly superior manner.

Ishida, Ichigo reflects, is the kind of person who'd tell sensei the other students are smoking in the boy's room -- not because he wants to get them in trouble, exactly, but because he wants to make the point that smoking is bad for your health. He's the type of person who'd hear about your great test score and then make sure to mention his was one point higher.

Ichigo's figured out that no matter how many Hollows he himself kills, Ishida's going to tell him he could've killed more. And no matter how many times Ichigo manages to save his friends -- hell, how many times he saves the world, he knows Ishida's going to show up to point out his mistakes, and tell him how he could've saved the world even better.

Oh, yeah. Ichigo's got Ishida figured out, all right.

What he can't figure out, though, is when exactly he stopped being able to live without Ishida by his side.

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