Shay Sheridan

Fandom: Bleach, pairing - Kyuukaku and Yoruichi
Comment fic written for Gogoangelgunboy. Shameless porn, of the F/F kind.
Yoruichi spends most of her time as a cat; Kuukaku is a one-armed explosives and fireworks expert.
Warning: sparks, explosions and pussy.

One advantage to Yoruichi being a cat most of the time, Kuukaku thinks, is that what cats do best is lick.

She thinks that (with whatever remains of her brain) as Yoruichi lies between her legs, her wet pink tongue exploring Kuukaku's inner folds, the eager, clever tip flicking past places that make Kuukaku shiver and moan and thrash with abandon. Yoruichi's not a cat at the moment, but there's still something catlike about her languidly sly movements. She presses down on Kuukaku's limbs, holding her in place, controlling her even as she loses control, her tongue sliding, her fingers probing, her body warm where it touches Kuukaku's.

Yoruichi looks at her out of the corner of one catlike eye, and Kuukaku swears she hears a purr. And then that talented pink tongue slides back into her again and Kuukaku shouts and comes in wave after wave of wrenching pleasure. Yoruichi stays with her, that tongue still in her, knowing when to retreat, when to push, when to force another wave.

When the last wave crests and dissipates, Yoruichi is by her side, licking her fingers clean with her lovely tongue.

"Good kitty," Kuukaku sighs. "Very, very good kitty."

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